“There’s nowhere in existence you could go that I wouldn’t find you, Violence.”⁣⁣

There’s something about that feeling you get when you know the book resting in your hands is about to light up your imagination and capture your soul. My expectations were high, considering the hype surrounding Fourth Wing @rebeccayarros. People are totally OBSESSED, and I don’t blame them. I haven’t been this excited about a book since..well, ACOTAR.⁣

The Dragons are terrifyingly epic, and the storyline is fast-paced and exciting. Addressing any negative critiques of this book is easy—Don’t read Fourth Wing if you’re expecting Adult Fantasy. This fits very comfortably in YA. The only reason it’s even considered New Adult is because of the cursing and sex (maybe the violence?), which should be a consideration for anyone under 18. Outside of this, Fourth Wing screams YA Angst, and I love that it does. ⁣

For Violet Sorrengail, becoming a Rider is unattainable. She is supposed to be entering the Scribe Quadrant, not joining the ruthless elite at Basgiath War College, where there is nothing waiting for her but death. Or so she thought…⁣

Enter Dain Aetos-Her childhood Best Friend and new squad leader, who she totally has the hots for and wants nothing more than to keep her safe.⁣

But can he protect her against Xaden Riorson, a ruthless wingleader-who is also Dains commanding officer-that would prefer Violet doesn’t make it past day one? With the heat she feels every time he stares at her, it almost makes her forget they’re enemies. Almost…⁣

The coolest part is what happens with the Dragons. You’ll know what I’m referring to as soon as you read it! Loved Fourth Wing, and I can’t wait for the sequel Iron Flame, which comes out in November!

This brings me to the first location of importance: Basgiath War College

Basgiath War College Example

“A dragon without its rider is a tragedy. A rider without their dragon is dead.”

Let’s talk about Dragons!! Fourth Wing is full of them, and I challenge you to read this book and not have a favorite before you’re done. Below are the ones that stood out to me!
*Warning-Potential Spoilers if you haven’t read the book yet!*
Sgaeyl: Xadens terrifying rare Navy Blue Daggertail who is ruthless and vicious and doesn’t reform to the laws. In my mind, she is the ultimate Badass in Violet’s story! Just wait until Chapter Fourteen.
Deigh: Liams Red Daggertail, who should never be looked in the eye due to a quick temper, is part of a more significant plot twist.
Tairn-Violets Black Morningstarttail is lethal, the rarest and deadliest of dragons, and the most cunning and intelligent. He is one of the driving forces behind much of this story, and I loved his importance in Fourth Wing.
And maybe my favorite so far-Andarna-the Golden Feathertail-The breed that little is known about except they abhor violence and are unsuitable for bonding. But she turns out to be the most interesting of them all. I can’t wait to see how she develops in the next book.

This brings me to the Second location of importance: The Riders Quadrant

Riders Quadrant Example

“I would rather lose this entire war than live without you, and if that means I have to prove myself over and over, then I’ll do it. You gave me your heart and I’m keeping it.”

There was some serious heat in the Riders Quadrant..and I’m not just talking about the Dragons!
*The following has potential spoilers*
I love books with a good love triangle. But in Fourth Wing, I was team Xaden from day one. I never liked Dain. I thought he was overbearing and condescending and that he completely hindered Violet’s growth rather than encouraged it.
Was it sweet that he went behind her back to try and get her into the Scribe Quadrant? Eh. As much as the author tried to paint his actions in a positive light, I wasn’t fooled by any of it.
Was Xaden perfect? Absolutely not. But he made up for it with the support he gave Violet, even when all he wanted to do was get rid of her..permanently. Did it hurt that he is dangerously hot? No..but Dain is not exactly bad looking, either!
Am I wrong to compare Dain to Tamlin? And Xaden to Rhys???


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