Young Adult Fantasy, Red Queen is the first in a 4 part series by New York Times best selling YA author Victoria Aveyard. Mare is a Red, a commoner born to be controlled. At seventeen, she is headed to fight in a war that only benefits the elite, the Silvers, who rule with superpowers meant only for the Gods. ⁣

In a rare twist of fate, Mare is saved from the front lines to work as a servant for the king. But she is not like the other Reds. Exposing a hidden gift that both scares and humiliates the Silvers, she is forced to lie and pretend to be one of them. But what began as a fight to save herself turns into a race to save her people. But will her heart betray her and end up destroying them all?

‘He can’t let me die. He won’t. I am the little lightning girl, and I am going to make the world change.’

I honestly love Victoria Aveyard. Her writing is fresh, imaginative, and pulls you in from page one. Her world-building is incredible, and her characters are unique and well crafted. It’s hard not to care about Mare’s journey and end up becoming her biggest cheerleader. Does Mare make a lot of mistakes? Yes. But that’s why she’s relatable. Red Queen is both heartbreaking and powerful and one that should be at the top of your TBR.

This brings me to the first location of importance: The palace Arena.

Palace Arena

‘Here in a palace, it’s easy to forget there’s a war going on, but the haunted look in her eye says she will not, she cannot, forget.’

This was a turning point in Mare’s life, and whether she wanted to or not, she revealed something about herself that changed everything. Once a forgotten Red, now Mare is thurst into the spotlight as the bride to a boy she could never love. Mare feels lost, humiliated and, lied to, and worst of all, she is now a prisoner to the royal family.

Something doesn’t feel right about this newfound glory and scrutiny, but Mare finds allies in unexpected places. If she can now control her power long enough to understand it, to use it, she might have a chance of defeating those who wish to enslave her people. But will it mean hurting someone that she has feelings get what she wants?

This brings me to the Second location of importance: City of Ruins

City of Ruins

“Here in the palace, it’s easy to forget there’s a war going on, but the haunted look in her eye says she will not, cannot, forget.”

The City of Ruins, otherwise known as Naercey, is important in the book, but I have a feeling will play an even bigger role in the equals. There’s just too much mystery and convenience tied to a place used by the rebels, even though the Silvers are well aware of its presence. A few plotlines towards the end of this book lead the way to crazy new adventures, but I honestly have no idea what’s next. Is it terrible that I’m rooting for Cal? Only the Glass Sword will show me the way!


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