Abandoned by her father and forced to survive on her own, Fable must rely on her strength of spirit to escape the death sentence that is thrust upon her. Stranded on an island of thieves and murderers, she depends on the unique set of skills she learned from her mother before the sea had stolen her life. ⁣

Driven by the promise of reuniting with her father and claiming what is hers, it takes Fable four years to bargain her passage off the island. With the help of a young trader named West and his crew, she’s determined to make it across the Narrows and back to her life as a powerful trader’s daughter. ⁣

But her desperation turns dangerous as she is faced with threats from all directions and secrets she can’t escape. Now Fable must determine who she can trust and where she belongs if she has any hopes of surviving at all.

“You weren’t made for this world, Fable. You want to prove me wrong? Get yourself off this island.”⁣

If you’re a fan of YA Historical Fantasy with a strong female lead and a story that pulls at your heart, Fable by Adrienne Young is just the adventure for you. Her story is packed full of underlying themes, including courage and perseverance, survival, death, and love. This is the first recommendation I’ve read from Reeses Book Club and I’m happy I did! I enjoyed it so much; I’ve already started the sequel and will be reviewing it soon! ⁣

This brings me to the first location of importance: The NArrows

Coral in Fable

I was to never tell a single soul that I was his daughter.

Fables’ entire existence- her heart, her world-revolve around the water. Her most treasured memories of both her mother and father all have something to do with the ocean. It’s where she was born and where she belongs. But it’s also where Fable is most at risk of exposure, not only to the elements but the secrets she harbors as well.

She has to keep secrets from everyone, including the one person she is desperate to trust with her life. But it’s not easy to forget the lessons of her youth. So does her resistance to open up end up hurting Fable more than it helps her? I think so! 

This brings me to the Second location of importance: Jeval

Fable Port Town

‘My mother called it touching the soul of the storm. When she came upon us like that, she was taking us into her heart and letting us see her.’

Trader. Fighter. Survivor. These are the words that the author uses on her book cover to describe Fable. After finishing Fables story, I couldn’t agree more. Being left alone on a strange island at such a young age…if she wasn’t all of these things, Jevel would have destroyed her from the inside out. But she endured and used her motivation to make her stronger and more resilient than the people surrounding her. 


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