Glimpsed by G.F. Miller is a Young Adult Romance that puts a new spin on an old classic. But this time, Cinderella, or “The Cindies,” are just supporting characters. The real star of Glimpsed is the Fairy Godmother.

Charity, a popular dancer on the JLHS poms squad, who uses hair dye to communicate her moods, is only 18. Her personal life is a terrific mess. With surface-level friendships and a mom who is always gone, FG Charity instead spends her time helping her Cindies find their Happily Ever After. ⁣But when a boy named Noah blackmails her and claims her meddling is causing anything but a happy ending, it makes Charity start to question her glimpses. Will this nemesis ultimately help Charity find her very own love story? Or will it end in disaster?

‘You want to know why a few lucky people get a fairy godmother while everyone else is stuck slogging it out on their own? It’s the glimpse.’⁣ 

The premise of this book is fresh and creative. I love the idea of making the entire story revolve around real-life situations and problems. Charity is spunky and hilarious but has a very narrow view of what a happy ending should look like. Noah is also very one-sided and doesn’t understand what Charity is about or why she’s even helping strangers. But the real heart of this story happens when Charity and Noah have to work together and ultimately end up learning things about themselves they would have never discovered on their own.

If you enjoy quick-witted Young Adult Romance with a hint of fairy dust sprinkled in, this is definitely worth a read!

This brings me to the first location of importance: The Park

Young Adult Romance Park

This is definitely weaponized geekery. No one on earth could be accidentally this obnoxious.

The relationship between Charity and Noah is totally flawed and just a little bit insane. Noah is lovesick and willing to do whatever it takes to win his crush’s heart. Charity wants this ‘creepy little turd goblin’ to go away and not blow her cover as the Fairy Godmother. ⁣

What follows is entertaining and not your typical YA rom-com. Let’s just say the first meeting between Charity and Noah at the park includes pepper spray, a lot of well-thought-out insults, and just a little bit of blackmail!


This brings me to the Second location of importance: Arctic Marble

Young Adult Romance Ice Cream

Nobody gives a magical mouse turd about the fairy godmother’s problems.

Charity has spent six years dealing with being a fairy godmother all on her own. Her mother is always away at work and never shows any interest in her life in general. Her sister is thousands of miles away on an internship helping at an elephant sanctuary, only talking with her once a week at best. The only person who shares her gift is her grandmother, but she lives at a nursing home far enough to make it difficult to visit regularly.  ⁣

So when Noah actually starts to show interest in Charitys gift, she doesn’t know how to react. A few pivotal scenes in the development of their relationship happen at Noah’s job, involving some pretty gross ice cream combinations! 

This brings me to the third location of importance: Homecoming-Football field

Young Adult Romance Football Field

Being a fairy godmother isn’t just about magic. It’s about a deep need to fix things. It’s a calling.


Talk about everything blowing up dramatically in Charitys face! Never before has one of her glimpses gone so royally wrong…or so she thinks. Homecoming is a wake-up call for Charity in more ways than one. It makes her start reevaluating her past “help” and question if she should be interfering at all! But finding an answer to her problems is not as simple as turning off the glimpses. It’s so much more than that!


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