Release Date: March 16, 2021-Namesake is the Sequal to Fable⁣

The Marigold is no longer under her father’s power, including the crew Fable has come to consider family. However, her freedom, her happiness, is short-lived.

An old enemy has come back to haunt her, and now Fable must work with him, instead of against him, to gain back what is finally hers. But as she falls deeper into this foreign world, she must fight to protect her mothers past. If she fails, her future will be lost as well.

‘The words he’d said about my father were dangerous things. They held power to crush me. Because the most fragile hope I’d ever held was that somewhere in the flesh and bone of him, Saint loved me.’⁣.

I have to say that this one pulled at my soul. Two books in, and Fable is still just as vulnerable and unassuming as ever, desperately wanting nothing more than to believe in those closest to her.⁣

Curious to see where Adrienne Young would point the story after the conclusion of Fable, I loved how she presented a fresh continuation in Namesake. Although I didn’t expect to be introduced to certain characters and storylines, and I was surprised at how the emotions and power shifted throughout the book.

Even though I still have lingering questions about Fable’s father, I won’t talk about it here…anyone wanting to chat, message me though Instagram! I would love to work through it with other fans of this book! ⁣

This brings me to the first location of importance: Bastian

Namesake ocean

‘I wasn’t just some Jevali dredger or a pawn in Zola’s feud with West. I was Saints daughter.’

One of Adrienne Young’s strengths, what makes her such a fantastic author, is her ability to weave her settings beautifully throughout each new chapter. Every new port in Namesake comes alive with breathtaking detail, but it never takes away from the journey of her characters. ⁣

Arriving in Bastian and facing a past she never knew, Fable must pretend to be something she’s not. Dresses and manners be damned; all she wants is the one who kidnapped her dead and to return to the only place that has ever felt like home. Bastian proves to be a pivotal location, and without it, Fables story would have never morphed into what it became. You’re going to love it!

This brings me to the Second location of importance: Fable’s Skerry

Namesake Lighthouse

Fable’s Skerry came into view as the moon set, almost invisible on the black sea.’⁣

The mystery surrounding Fables’ mother is truly what drives this sequel forward. They involve family members Fable never knew she had, and her estranged father, who she has always believed, didn’t want her.

I wonder; what will Fable find in the Lighthouse that held a special place in her mother’s heart? And is she ready to find out?

Map of Fable


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