Desperation defeats even the strongest of souls. But in darkness, there is light. Finding that light, however, is a different matter altogether. Some never do, instead, making deals with the darkness.⁣

Addie Larue made such a deal. This is her story and her journey to overcome it.⁣

“Three hundred years and some part of her is still afraid of forgetting. There have been times of course, when she wished her memory more fickle, when she would have given anything to welcome madness, and disappear. It is the kinder road, to lose yourself.”⁣⁣

I’ll admit, I was curious how a story about a girl no one remembers could span 442 pages. If all it takes is losing sight of Addie to forget her, how could there be much substance?⁣

Well, the good news is, I was wrong to question this insanely popular book! I was totally blown away by how much I truly loved ‘The Invisible Life of Addie Larue’ @veschwab@torbooks. I was quickly drawn into Addie’s life, some of her struggles relatable on a profoundly personal level. ⁣

Her desire to belong to no one; free to live, to find her way; to love or to be have a 𝘤𝘩𝘰𝘪𝘤𝘦.⁣

The writing is beautiful, the story unique, and the characters real. The author doesn’t hide the flaws of her supporting cast, rather exposes them in a refreshing way. Without this truth, there would be no darkness, no Luc. And love him or hate him, Luc brings this story, and Addie, to life!

This brings me to the first location of importance: PARIS

Paris Addie Large

I remember you.”

Three words, large enough to tip the world.”⁣

The decisions we make growing up don’t necessarily age well. Being free to do as we please, without any responsibilities..well, most grow into a more desirable life surrounded by loved ⁣

But for Addie, she forfeited the luxury of changing her mind. Because for her, changing her mind means sacrificing her soul.⁣

Although her struggles are painful to read at times, Addie experiences living in a way none of us ever could. She’s able to travel the world and watch as it adapts and changes over multiple lifetimes. The people she meets are exciting and new, and although she may drift through unremembered, she still finds ways to be relevant,

This brings me to the Second location of importance: Munich Opera House

Example Munich Opera House

Luc is the man she dreamed of when she was young, and the the one she hated most, and the one she loved, and Addie missed him every night that he was gone from her, and he deserved none of her pain because it was his fault.’⁣

It’s difficult to imagine living a lifetime alone, without any ‘real companionship.’ Three hundred years of experiences, thoughts, feelings..only to be remembered by one person. Luc. ⁣

The Opera is a turning point for them, but it doesn’t make their interactions any less toxic in nature. It’s no surprise that Luc becomes the one constant in Addie’s life, the ‘person’ that she grows to love. ⁣

That is until Henry. The opposite of Luc in every way. Yet something connects them. 🤔


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