I usually don’t read multiple books in a series without taking a break first. I like the refresh of “vacationing” from my favorite characters. It makes them that much more enjoyable when I finally sit down with them again. But just this once, the ‘Gamble’ of diving straight into the sequel paid off!⁣

Similar to the Inheritance Games, The Hawthorne Legacy @authorjenlynnbarnes @littlebrown is full of plot twists, secret romance, and even more puzzles to solve. You’re immediately pulled deeper into the deception surrounding Avery and her questionable role within her new reality. A DNA test proves she’s not a Hawthorne by blood, but can she trust the results?

‘Avery Kylie Grambs, rearranged, became A Very Risky Gamble. The kind of name a man like Tobias Hawthorne would remember.’⁣

I wouldn’t even attempt to treat this as a stand-alone. You seriously need the background and context offered up in the first book. Plus, it’s so unique; why would you want to skip it?⁣

One thing to note, there is a third book planned. I didn’t realize that until I reached the end of The Hawthorne Legacy. The fact that so many things were left unresolved should have tipped me off! I needed closure, people! And I might have become just a little too invested in the lives of these fictional characters and wanted to see some happy endings. 😜 ⁣

This brings me to the first location of importance: The Hawthorne Cabin

Hawthorne Legacy Mountains

‘To my daughter Skye Hawthorne, I leave my compass, may she always know true North.’⁣

Maybe the game that Tobias Hawthorne had ‘willed’ upon his family wasn’t a game at all? ⁣

Each clue seems to focus on the importance of the past. Indications that are meant to lift the smoke screen circling each family member, exposing their hard-fought secrets. ⁣

But what if his love for them is the true driving force, the motivation, behind his madness? To reveal the hidden deception that had torn them apart and bring them back to a place of forgiveness and acceptance of each other’s flaws?⁣

And just maybe..Avery is the missing piece. The only one that can hurt the rift left by Toby’s absence. ⁣

This brings me to the Second location of importance: The Plane

Hawthorne Plane

‘Hate me, if you can, for all the reasons I deserve it. But don’t hate me for leaving while you sleep. I knew you wouldn’t let me go, and I cannot bear to say goodbye.’⁣

So…does this quote make the character who wrote it a coward? Or did he/she do the right thing by leaving?⁣

I wouldn’t want to wake up to something like that, no matter the reason! I understand that the character felt it was the right thing to do…but come on! ⁣

Be prepared for a new round of villains and heroes to be craftily introduced in this sequel. ⁣

We learn more about Avery’s Mother and the motivations behind her game of secrets.⁣

More details are also released on all Tobias Hawthorne’s children, examined under a microscope. What is found is both hauntingly relatable and downright dangerous! ⁣

If you need a good read to get you through the Holidays, this is it! Might make your own family seem a little less crazy! ⁣


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