Six Crimson Cranes immerses the reader into a world of forbidden magic, family drama, life-changing consequences, and above all else, LOVE.

Shiori’s story begins with her desperate attempt to avoid LOVE or, as she calls it, “A dismal end to my future.”

But the idea that she can escape LOVE is challenged throughout this book. Because sitting in the background and surrounding her journey is LOVE-from her family, friends, strangers, and even herself.

The story follows Shiori as she is cursed by her stepmother-transformed from a young princess into a nobody-left penniless and alone. With a wooden bowl permanently attached to her head and her brothers turned into cranes, Shiori searches for a way to free them all. And she must do it all without a word-for if she speaks, her brothers will die.

“My parents think of marriage as a duty to one’s family and country. I think of it as a duty to one’s heart. Food feeds the belly, thoughts feed the mind, but love is what feeds the heart.”

Best quote in the entire book! I’m obsessed with how @elimpix snuck this gem in, just as I was trying to navigate my feelings for the character in question.

There are some fantastic supporting characters-Takkan and Seryu, to name a few-but Kiki was the real star of the show! A paper bird brought to life by magic, she is Shioris’s voice when she can’t speak, her confidant, her best friend-bringing humor and LOVE to an otherwise hopeless situation. And in the end, it all comes together with a bowl of soup! Just read the book. You’ll get the reference. 😉 I totally recommend this one. I powered through it in a day.

This brings me to the first location of importance: Scared Lake

Seryu Dragon Prince

“We all have our secrets. One day, Shiori, you’ll have your own.”

Lessons from Shiori’s past haunt her as she fights to regain control of her new life. Finding her brothers and defeating her stepmother drives her toward hatred. But the unlikely kindness of a stranger helps bring her back to herself again. ⁣

Takkan. What can I say about him? He’s unexpected, kind, and sensitive and defends Shiori when others don’t. Male protagonists in YA tend to fall into a similar pattern of behavior. It’s refreshing to find one that doesn’t and is still worthy of obsession!

I’m a HUGE fan of dragons. Add a dragon to a book or a movie, and I’ll be first in line to consume it. ⁣

Seryu, the Prince of the Eastery Seas and the most favored grandson of the Dragon King, has an impactful role within Six Crimson Cranes. Without him, Shiori would have never made it past the first chapter. He is her champion and confidant (Outside of Kiki, of course!) and helps her discover the reasons behind her Stepmothers’ treason. ⁣

I can’t wait to read the second book and discover more about Seryu and the all-powerful Dragon King.


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