Young Adult Dystopian, The Elite, by Kiera Cass, is the second in the Selection Series. This story is a continuation of America Singer’s journey as she competes to win eligible bachelor Prince Maxon’s heart. 

Now the competition has been narrowed down to six. Most of the girls have been sent home, and America is questioning everything. With danger around every corner, America must make decisions she’s not comfortable with. Is she capable of leading a broken country? Even if she lives up to the expectations and challenges, does she truly love Maxon, or is Aspen the one she can’t live without?

How did I, America Singer-a Five, a nobody-fall for Maxon Schreave-a One, 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙊𝙣𝙚?⁣” 

Have you ever felt like someone was “Out Of Your League?”⁣ I’ve dated all types of people, and there have definitely been moments where I have wondered if I was good enough. But as I got older, I thankfully realized this perception of leagues is all built on personal preferences, So go after that unattainable unicorn, the one who is more popular or attractive..whatever! You never know if that person is thinking the same thing about you.⁣

If you loved the Selection, there is no question if you should read this follow up Young Adult Dystopian. The Elite is a deeper examination into America’s insecurities. She struggles with making the wrong decision and, as a result, can’t seem to make up her mind when it comes to Aspen and Maxon. Both have qualities she can’t seem to live without, but the question of who she will choose is what keeps us coming back for more of this swoon-worthy drama.

This brings me to the first location of importance: Once again, the gardens.

Young Adult Dystopian Garden

“When you told me how you felt, I was so relieved that a part of me didn’t believe it. I still have a hard time accepting that it was real.”

Finding time, real quality time, to spend together is getting increasingly more difficult. With Maxons responsibilities as Prince and his commitment to the other girls, America is left to wonder if she really is the one. Sure, Maxon has words worthy of a poet, but does he mean them?

America feels the closest to Maxon when they can escape together into the palace gardens. Whether it’s taking a walk, having a discussion, or simply looking at the stars, it’s the only place that drowns out the rest of the noise. However, how can America be sure her attraction to Maxon will last?

This brings me to the Second location of importance: The Library

Young Adult Dystopian Library

“From the beginning, I’ve really only looked at you, wanted you.”

Maxon seems blinded by his love for America. Taking her to the library hidden behind the walls was a huge leap of faith. The implications of someone finding out could mean disaster for the royal family. But his need to impress her causes his judgment to waver, especially since America has yet to commit her heart in return. With increasing tensions outside and within the palace, will America do what’s needed to further her own agenda, betraying Maxon along the way?

This brings me to the third location of importance: The Palace

Young Adult Dystopian Princess Room

We laughed quietly, holding on to each other. In these moments, it was easy to picture this being the rest of my life.

It’s impossible to discuss the importance of this location without revealing spoilers within the plot.  I can say that this place, and what happens here, is monumental in Maxon and America’s relationship. It changes the direction of America’s feelings and what their future could look like together.

In The Elite, additional details of Illea’s past are beginning to become unraveled.  This gives depth to the story and forces us to remember why the Selection ever began in the first place.


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